Back to the Future – Adult Prom – Dancing Through The Decades

Rosemont High School PTSA Adult Prom on April 28 has been canceled.

We are extremely sorry about having to cancel this event. Due to lack of ticket sales we just cannot afford to host the event – there are no reserveĀ funds asĀ PTSA operates on a very small budget. Over the last few years has been very challenging to find support for our fundraising. All monies (except what we have to pay in dues to State PTSA) are directed towards the students and Grad Night for each graduating class. Without the support of our high school community, the bulk of the fundraising burden has literally landed on a very small group of people.

A Safe and Sober Grad Night Celebration for our kids should be very important to all parents. We need more parents involved in Rosemont High School. You don’t have to join PTSA to volunteer. Your child’s educational experience in high school will be improved if you get more involved! We all have busy lives, but there are many ways to give a little of yourself during your student’s time at Rosemont High School.


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We work very hard to raise money to benefit the students directly and indirectly. Please take a few minutes to give us your opinions and feedback so we can continue to improve how we do things.

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It is anonymous, but you can choose to give us your contact info if you would like to learn more or volunteer. Thank you in advance for your time.

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